Geothermal Pipe
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All Geo-Black piping products are marked with the name CB Supplies as the manufacturer, product trade name, nominal size, design temperature and pressure ratings, relevant ASTM standard numbers, (cNSF) CSA B137.1 and C448, NSF-geothermal, material designations, material cell classification, manufacturing date, production code and decremented footage numbering on coils 200′ and greater in length.

GEO-Black PE100 geothermal piping products are manufactured from PE 4710 high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin meeting the cell classification 445574C per ASTM-D3350. The material also meets or exceeds the more stringent 5000 HR ESCR test required for this application. GEO-Black contains carbon black as a UV inhibitor and can be stored outdoors.

GEO-Black geothermal pipe is intended and recommended for use as the buried heat exchanger and transfer piping in open or closed loop ground source heat pump applications.

Design temperature rating for GEO-Black pipe is 73.5 F.; however, intermittent exposure to temperatures up to 120 F is acceptable. GEO-Black is connected by heat fusion or by butt fusion with the appropriate fittings and equipment.

GEO-Black geothermal tubing products are for use in ground source heat exchanger applications. All GEO-Black IPS-OD, SDR-11 and SDR-13.5 dimension piping products meet the respective requirements of ASTM D3035, ASTM D2447, CSA B137.1 (cNSF), cNSF CSA C448 and NSF-geothermal.