Monarch McLaren


Monarch McLaren

CB Supplies continues the Monarch-McLaren tradition of supplying a range of Industrial Supply products. CB Supplies offers:

  • Wooden Variable Speed Block Belts
  • Leather Drive Belting
  • Leather Packings and Seals
    • Piston Cups, U Cups, Vee Packings, Hat Seals
  • Leather Belt Lacing
  • Industrial Rubber Products
    • Power Transmission Belts
    • Urethane Power Transmission Belts
  • Conveyor Belting and lacing
  • Plastic Bag Industry belts
    • Wicketer Bag Machine Belts
    • Flat Cotton Belts
    • Drag Brakes

Monarch Mclaren

For further information please contact:

Brian Flint

Tel: 1-866-503-5523

Fax: 1-888-562-2095