CB Supplies – Hydronics

Radiant Floor Heating/Cooling and Snow /Ice Melt Systems

CB Supplies’ Hydronic Radiant Heating is used in both residential and commercial construction projects to achieve a comfortable environment for any home or workspace. Our radiant heating can be used as either a primary or secondary heating source, for floor cooling, or as a snow or ice melt system. Our versatile design provides a solution for every project.


CB Supplies Products

CB Supplies offers two alternatives for hydronic piping both manufactured in Canada. CanPEX™ is cross-linked PEX tubing and VIPERT is a PE-RT tubing. Both are rated for maximum temperatures of up to 200°F. They are both durable, flexible, easy to install, and 100% recyclable. For radiant applications, they are extruded with an oxygen barrier layer to prevent system components corrosion.

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The CB Supplies IVAR Manifolds are offered in stainless steel. They are a cost-effective solution for all project sizes, and can be used in both residential and commercial systems. Our manifolds are sold with everything needed for a seamless installation; including air vents, flow meters, temperature gauges and shut off valves so there is no extra cost for your customer.

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Certification / Standards / Codes

CanPEX™ and VIPERT Oxy Barrier pipe are manufactured in compliance with all the industries’ Codes and Standards. VIPERT is certified for F-1960 Cold Expansion, push and crimp fittings.


Installation Options

Install CanPEX/ VIPERT oxygen barrier pipe in slab systems for radiant floor heating and in snow and ice melt applications

Install CanPEX™ / VIPERT oxygen barrier pipe in thin-slab systems

Install CanPEX ™/ VIPERT oxygen barrier pipe for under or over the floor radiant systems with heat transfer plates

Install CanPEX™ / VIPERT oxygen barrier pipe in conjunction with pavers, concrete and even asphalt for snow and ice melt applications